Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hey, BSoD!

I returned to my PC partition and started playing around with various games. One download came up as a virus on the scanner so I deleted it. Unfortunately, something went wrong. Several more virus alerts came up as well as strange IE8 ads so I closed down the ads and deleted the viruses. So I thought, "Hm, I better turn off the new BCM94321MC Apple Airport Card I installed in my laptop for Wireless-N in the Mac Partition," and did so. About 3/4 of a second after I hit the wireless switch, the laptop freaked out and went BSoD on me. Rebooting had no effect.

Several options:
1. AntiVirus Boot CD scan -- in progress.
2. Uninstall custom BIOS needed for new wireless card and replace with authentic - maybe.

It may be that the new wireless card's driver is interfering with something -- dunno what. The two different BSoD errors I got on two separate reboots seem to be pointing to a driver problem. Oh well. I gotta remove the viruses first. So far, scanning for 2 hours came up with 7 alerts (some of which are kinda dubious).


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