Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nerf Gun: Construction

Here we go, went to Ace Hardware, spent freaking $37 on connectors and pumps and the like. Not even for the pipe (which I already had and i think was less expensive than the connectors). Anyway, PICTURES!

What I've got so far: the handle with O-ring and half the air tank on the bottom there. My plan for the air tank is to cut the valve from a bike tire and place it in a pipe endcap and cement that on.

This bunch of connectors attached by PVC cement.

O-ring connected to tip of hose nozzle for better seal with barrel. How did I get it so centered? Well since you asked...

I used a bit of 1" PVC pipe to center it by screwing the pipe onto the hose nozzle's tip.

I then put superglue onto the metal ring on the hose nozzle and slipped the O-ring in and doused it in more glue.

The barrel's design is the "Unknown Breech", which will screw directly on to the hose nozzle. A few changes, though. Instead of 2mm foam sheets to fit the barrel with the breech, I'm using several rings cut from 1/2" PVC pipe endcaps filed down to fit. And an O-ring between two of them. The tip of the barrel to be contacting the O-ring that was glued above will be filed down as to facilitate a better dart loading mechanism. I'm also working on a magazine to go on top of the Unknown Breech.

More updates to come as progress continues.

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