Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homemade Nerf Gun: Part II

Some more pics of what's been going on.

T-Joint and couple-inch section of 1/2" pipe. Will be used to cock the gun. Also pictured is a ring made from a PVC end cap that will be used as a stopper.

I had taken out the cracked pump to repair. To accommodate new designs, I shifted that pipe mount (that used to be a couple notches back) up. You can also see how I stuffed that 1/2" pipe into the pump -- by melting it. >=D

New firing anchor for new design. Gorilla glued to two PVC pipe mounts.

The firing anchor is temporarily mounted this way to provide the Gorilla glue with the "clamping" that it needs to set properly.

Formerly cracked pump. The crack was pumped full with Krazy glue (ethyl cyanoacrylate) and then electrical-taped for sturdiness. Once the Gorilla glue sets on the firing anchor I can put it back in.

Right now this looks mumble-jumbled but I do have a set plan. I'll upload it later. Handwriting is horrible on it, though.

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