Sunday, July 26, 2009


Haven't shown my face in a while. Again.

What has happened since my last update? My dad and I have installed an auxiliary input to my dad's 2005 Corolla, with a 6-CD Changer. We followed some instructions online which put us in the right direction, but had to do a little tinkering and testing to get it right. Now his iPhone is acting up and refusing to output to the headphone jack when it is plugged into the car. Not sure why that is yet.

And I have revamped my Crayola marker butane gun. Made it into a two-Crayola marker butane gun. Except that the firing isn't all that reliable nor is it any more powerful. I need to find an increased diameter, not an increased length (which is what I did) in order to make it more powerful. Project on hold.

With the boredom of summer, I'm going to research and build a proper HHO generator. Hopefully.

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