Monday, January 26, 2009

New Project!

I have decided that the HHO Torch is going nowhere and that its efficiency at what it does will not be sufficient for my needs until I can get more information and materials. Thus, the project is suspended.

Taking its place is the creation and experimentation of valveless pulse jets, starting with the Jam Jar Jet featured in Make Magazine. Since I don't have a 1/2 inch drill bit, I'm drilling one 1/8 hole and several little holes around it in a circular/star arrangement. I'm hoping that works. I've done it first on (you've guessed it) apple juice bottles, but they were too tall and narrow to be effective. Thus, I've cleaned out 3 tomato sauce jars and one bamboo shoot jar to use. They're glass. I've done the same thing with the holes as mentioned above, and am testing the bamboo shoot jar first. I'm using rubbing alcohol (70%) as fuel.

BTW, I've found some 30% hydrogen peroxide. But it's old. I have yet to see whether it has lasted all this time.

And stemming off the last post, I have not (to date) spent $$ on any of my projects (except for a transistor from RadioShack, and my current soldering set). All the materials and tools were either gifts or garbage. Usually it's the latter.

I have updated my Thinkpad T60 with a new 320 GB WD Scorpio Blue 2.5" hard drive. Now I dual-boot Ubuntu and Windows, as opposed to single-booting Ubuntu. However, it makes this strange clicking sound every 10-15 seconds when it's idle...might be the safety feature on it. I'm thinking to add an internal bluetooth module, but I remember that my particular model (1951-44U) was not capable of an "official" bluetooth upgrade. Oh well.

I have hacked a Taiwanese rubber band gun to become more powerful. Now, it will shoot with the same power of a regular person if the proper rubber band is selected. I've lashed together an extension made of a toy tank turret fragment, and 5 pieces of bamboo chopsticks. And lots of cyanoacrylate.

More info will pop up randomly like above later.

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