Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pictures of HHO Torches v.1 and v.2


HHO Torch Electrolysis Cell v.1.0 (yes, it is a Chinese fish powder container. So what. Sue me. I like my stuff free. Not one of my projects (except a transistor for the flyback driver) has cost me a single cent so far.)

Ugh. Look at the corrosion on these electrodes.

Another shot of the fake aluminum electrodes (they were aluminum plated copper (?what's the use of that?))

Behold! It is v.2.0!
With flashback arrestor (little vial thingy). It prevents the cell itself from exploding in the event that the hydrogen flame burns back through the tube into the system.

A closer shot of the flashback arrestor. The gas comes through the white wire insulation (no wires in it) and bubbles through water (to remove particles). The water also acts as a flashback arrestor in the event of an explosion. The water stops the explosion from reaching the cell via tube.

More corroded electrodes. But these are actually real aluminum.

I will soon use some vinegar as an electrolyte, and not baking soda as baking soda creates this disgusting carbonate precipitate (Al(CO3)3?) that turns the water blue and creates this white stuff that settles as well as black specks. Interesting, but not wanted. And the Snapple cap is well sealed, but still is leaking. So I'm scratching the Snapple design in favor of something with a little more "screw" to the cap. Updates soon.

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